Ajax Programming with REST/JAX-RS and jQuery

This course covers provides in depth coverage of using jQuery-based Ajax technology in the browser, and of creating server-side resources using Java / JAX-RS on the server. It covers both topics from the ground up, as well as using the two together. It includes many hands-on labs for practicing and reinforcing all concepts. While there is no formal definition of Ajax, using XMLHttpRequest/JavaScript is one of the core technologies of creating Ajax-driven Web applications. The course starts with a fast introduction to JavaScript for those that are less familiar with it, as well as an introduction to using XMLHttpRequest, the low-level backbone of Ajax in the browser. It provides a brief introduction to jQuery, and then moves on to creating Ajax-driven Web apps using jQuery's Ajax capabilities (which are representative of the pervasive Ajax support in many JavaScript frameworks). The course then provides an introduction to REST principles, and their suitability for providing AJAX data, and detailed coverage of how to generate Ajax data using JAX-RS and REST. This includes production/consumption of HTML, XML and JSON. The course also provides coverage of many common REST patterns, how they are implemented in JAX-RS, and how they are used from an Ajax front end.This course is hands on with labs to reinforce all the important concepts. It will enable you to build working Ajax applications, and give you an understanding of the important concepts and technology in a very short time.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Overview of Ajax
  • JavaScript Review
  • XMLHttpRequest
  • Using jQuery for Ajax
  • Introducing REST and JAX-RS
  • Working with JSON
  • Working with XML
  • Common REST Patterns
  • Security
  • Patterns and Best Practices

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