Alteryx Analytic Apps

This one day course is for Alteryx users who would like to learn about the versatile Analytic Apps and how to utilize them both on their Alteryx Designer Desktop, and in the Gallery. The course provides a hands-on experience in building Analytic Apps using step-by-step instructions (manual included). Students then upload the Apps to their server Gallery, and learn the basics of navigating the Gallery and sharing apps between users.
Before taking this course, you should have at least three to six months of experience with Alteryx.
.5 Days/Lecture
This course is designed for intermediate users.
  • Understand the many uses of Alteryx Analytic Apps and the Gallery
  • Get to know the Alteryx Designer Interface Tools for building Apps
  • Use the Interface Tools to transform regular workflows into interactive Apps
  • Design Apps
  • Learn and follow best practices for App Design while building Apps
  • Use the Testing and Debug options to test Apps
  • Chaining multiple Apps together
  • Upload Apps to the Gallery
  • Understand Gallery Studios, Collections and Districts
  • Share Apps in the Gallery
  • Utilize App settings to enable App downloads
  • Learn about user permissions in Gallery Collections and Districts
  • Explore the Alteryx Public Analytic App Gallery

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