Alteryx Designer Advanced

This course is all about the deeper dive, going beyond generic data shaping into data investigation, reporting and predictive analytics. You’ll learn techniques for parsing data using existing tools as well as how to configure regular expression tools. This course devotes a whole section to spatial analysis tools, illustrating everything from definite trade areas to find out if there’s overlap. You’ll also learn how to take latitude and longitude coordinates and build spatial objects. The Alteryx Designer Advanced course builds on the macro concepts from the Alteryx Designer Core course, expanding into iterative and batch macros. Analytic apps get more love here as well, moving into additional interface tools. We’ll round out the course with a healthy discussion about the Alteryx Gallery and then share our work. Built into the curriculum is time for attendee Q&A. Have questions on how to apply lessons to your specific data? Bring it. What about using what you’ve learned so far in class and hitting snags? Bring those questions, too.
Concepts in this course build on what is taught in the Alteryx Designer Core course. It is therefore strongly encouraged that students attend that course before enrolling in this one. This course will prepare you to take the Alteryx Designer Advanced Certification exam.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
The Alteryx Designer Advanced course is for analysts who have completed the Alteryx Designer Core course and are interested in going beyond the basics of data ingestion, cleansing and blending. These analysts want to learn more complex tools and become familiar with the predictive and spatial analytics features of Alteryx.
Introduction to course
  • Review workflow
  • Data investigation
  • Advanced parsing
  • Advanced macros
  • Advanced analytic apps
  • Spatial analysis
  • Reporting/visual Integration
  • Alteryx Galley overview
  • Supplemental workflow (predictive analytics time series)

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