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Android Security is a three-day course focusing specifically on the various security concerns of the Android platform.

We explore the Android architecture and security model, permission system and enforcement, encryption, known exploits, memory protections, data protection, device management, SELinux, as well as tools security researchers use to find Android vulnerabilities. We also focus on best practices for coding and deploying secure Android apps. Learn what to do - and what not to do - to keep your apps, your business, and your customers secure.

Before taking this course, Android Overview training or any other Android class that contains Android Overview module is required. It is highly recommended that participants be familiar with basics of Java, C/C++, and Linux administration to fully take advantage of this course. Additionally, "bootcamp-level" knowledge of Android Studio and the Gradle build system is required.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

The Android Security course is designed for security-conscious application developers and system integrators looking to tighten the security of both their devices as well as the applications running on them.

  • Android Stack Overview
  • Android Platform Security
  • Android Rooting
  • Reverse-Engineering Applications
  • Android Penetration Testing
  • Securing Application Code
  • Secure Network Communications
  • Securing Persisted Application Data
  • Mobile Device Administration (Android for Work)

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