Ansible Essentials

Training Summary
Ansible is growing in popularity for good reason, it is both easy to understand, far simpler than Python, and extremely powerful. While Python can be used to do just about anything, Ansible is used to bring structure and consistency to system deployments, implementations, and changes. Students tempted to write a complex Python script to do some networking automation task will discover that problem is already solved by an Ansible module. Lots of unnecessary Python scripts can be eliminated by using Ansible whenever possible. Ansible can be used for both network and server administrators alike.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
The audience for this course is system's administrators desiring to automate provisioning, configuration management, service deployment, operational processes.
Course Topics
  • Ansible Introduction
  • Installation
  • Ansible config file and directory structure
  • Ansible Static Inventory
  • Ansible Ad hoc commands
  • Ansible config file and directory structure
  • YAML
  • Writing a Simple Playbook
  • Key Modules you need to know
  • Ansible templates
  • Conditional and Looping Tasks
  • Dynamic Inventory Management
  • OpenStack Configuration
  • napalm-ansible
  • Networktocode ntc-ansible
  • Roles
  • Playbook Best Practices
  • Ansible Tower / AWX Essentials

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