Apache and Tomcat

Apache and Tomcat Administration Bootcamp combine two of our most popular courses into one week long workshop. Apache Web Server Administration will cover the details of the httpd.conf configuration file, using .htaccess files, virtual hosts, MIME and file types, URL mapping, directory indexing, performance tuning, handlers, filters, server-side includes, managing scripts, security and Apache modules. Tomcat Administration covers the details of the server.xml configuration file, an overview of Servlet and JavaServer Pages, a comparison of Tomcat to J2EE application servers, the Tomcat installation directories, deploying Java Web applications, the web.xml file, valves, logging, security realms, connecting Tomcat to Apache Web Server, hosting multiple Web sites, performance and scalability issues, load testing, clustering, monitoring, the Tomcat Manager and the Tomcat Administration tool. Please note that both Apache Web Server Administration and Tomcat Administration classes can also be taken separately.
To benefit most from the Tomcat Training course, you should be familiar with the basic principles of web/application server administration. Additionally, prior exposure to any of these concepts can be helpful: • Basic rules of XML (i.e., being able to edit XML files) • HTTP protocol (i.e., the stateless nature of HTTP, the need for sessions, HTTP methods, SSL, etc.) • Java environments (e.g., memory settings, automatic garbage collection, JDBC) • Other Java EE (J2EE) application servers and basic concepts behind Java Web Applications Please note that all these concepts are covered in the class.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Web/application server administrators who need to be able to install, configure, run, and tune the Apache Web server and Tomcat Application Server.
  • Introduction to Apache
  • Installation of Apache
  • Configuration
  • Logging on Apache
  • URL Handling on Apache
  • Handlers and Filters on Apache
  • Virtual Hosting on Apache
  • Directory Indexing on Apache
  • Apache Performance Tuning
  • Dynamic Content on Apache
  • Apache Security
  • Advanced URL manipulation on Apache (mod_rewrite)
  • Intro to JavaEE
  • Apache Tomcat Overview
  • Installing Apache Tomcat
  • Tomcat Directory Structure
  • Tomcat Architecture and Configuration
  • Logging on Tomcat
  • Deployments and Web Apps on Tomcat
  • Monitoring and Management on Tomcat
  • Managing Resources on Tomcat
  • Tomcat Security
  • Tomcat Performance Tuning
  • High Availability (HA) and Scalability of Tomcat
  • Load Testing with JMeter - Appendix

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