Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is an open-source project and a second-generation distributed NoSQL database. It is the best choice for higher availability and scalability of the database. Cassandra supports replication across multiple datacenters. It makes the write and read processes highly scalable by offering tunable consistency.This Apache Cassandra training course offered provides an overview of the following: Fundamentals of big data and NoSQL databasesCassandra and its featuresArchitecture and data model of CassandraInstallation, configuration and monitoring of CassandraHadoop ecosystem of products around Cassandra
Fundamental knowledge of any programming languageBasic understanding of any database, SQL and query language for databasesWorking knowledge of Linux or UNIX based systems (not mandatory)
6 Days/Lecture & Labs
Professionals aspiring for a career in NoSQL databases and CassandraAnalytics professionalsResearch professionalIT developersTestersProject managers
  • Course Overview
  • Introduction to big data and No-SQL Databases
  • Introduction to Cassandra
  • Architecture of Cassandra
  • Installation and Configuration of Cassandra
  • Cassandra Data Model
  • Cassandra Interfaces
  • Advanced Architecture and Cluster Management
  • Hadoop Ecosystem around Cassandra

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