Apache Maven Fundamentals

Training Summary
This course covers all of the basic fundamentals of Maven. It covers dependencies, plugins, repositories, IDE integrations and all the basic commands of Maven.The Automating Builds with Apache Maven training course begins with an overview of automated build concepts and motivations. It then moves into a discussion about Maven as a build tool, in terms of its architecture, implementation, and operation. With the foundation laid, the course then examines how to setup a Maven2 pom.xml file, project configuration, and task execution. The Working with Apache Maven course concludes with a discussion of common Maven tasks, like continuous integration tasks, packaging tasks, etc. Working with Apache Maven can include a discussion on integration with Continuous Integration servers like Jenkins, Hudson and Bamboo.
This course assumes students are familiar with both Java and XML concepts.
2 -3 Days/Lecture & Lab
ProTech will work with the Client to define the most appropriate delivery structure, schedule and dates. Structure, schedule and dates will be determined by Client's project schedule, team availability, and classroom availability. And of course, it will also be determined by ProTech's instructor availability.
Course Topics
  • Describe the Maven architecture
  • Understand Project Object Model (POM)
  • Build Lifecycles and Goals
  • Create a Java Project
  • Create a Web Project
  • Create Multi Module Project
  • Resolve Conflicts in Dependency
  • Create Profiles
  • Understand Repositories
  • Integrate Nexus and Maven
  • Integrate Jenkins and Maven
  • Integrate Eclipse and Maven

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