Apache Web Server

Training Summary
The Apache Web Server Training Course covers the details of installing and configuring the most popular Web server on the planet: Apache's httpd server. Students learn the details of the httpd.conf configuration file, using .htaccess files, virtual hosts, MIME and file types, URL mapping, directory indexing, performance tuning, handlers, filters, server-side includes, managing scripts, security and Apache modules.
To get the most benefit from the course, you should be familiar with the basic principles of server/system administration. Additionally, prior exposure to any of these concepts can be helpful: • Compilation of native programs (e.g. configuring and compiling C/C++ applications on UNIX/Linux) • HTTP protocol (i.e., the stateless nature of HTTP, the need for sessions, HTTP methods, SSL, etc.) • Regular expressions
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
The Apache Training course is for web server administrators who need to be able to install, configure, tune, and secure Apache httpd Web Server.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to Apache
  • Installation of Apache
  • Configuration
  • Logging on Apache
  • URL Handling on Apache
  • Virtual Hosting on Apache
  • Directory Indexing on Apache
  • Apache Performance Tuning
  • Dynamic Content on Apache
  • Apache Security
  • Advanced URL manipulation on Apache (mod_rewrite)

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