APIs and API Design with Python

Training Summary
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become increasingly important as they provide developers with connectivity to everything from rich datasets in an array of formats (such as JSON), to exposing the configurability of software applications and network appliances. Lessons and labs focus on using Python to interact, design, and build APIs for the purposes of scripting automated solutions to complex tasks. Class is mostly live demonstrations and hands on labs.
  • Python Basics (5 days)
  • Coding experience in another language serves as an adequate prerequisite
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
System administrators, network engineers, and developers will find this course compelling as they build and interact APIs that not only return highly parsable datasets, but also trigger scripted actions. Some previous experience with Python is ideal, although, coding experience in another language is also enough to find success within this course.
Course Topics
  • Python Review
  • OS Interfacing
  • Web and RESTful APIs
  • Python Protocol Clients
  • JSON, YAML, XML, CSV and Excel
  • Generating and Sending Emails
  • Dates and Times
  • Python Regular Expression (Regex)
  • Code Review
  • Web API Design with Flask
  • SQLlite
  • Processes and Threads

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