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This one-of-a-kind course focuses on the most chronic failings of the vast majority of advanced analytics implementations: comprehensive project assessment, design, and planning. The analytic professionals who apply the strategic principles in this course will obtain the rare analytic leadership skills to overcome their organization’s ongoing analytic challenges and stand out in this competitive practice.

Industry surveys underscore that most advanced analytics projects fail or fall short of their objectives. Project failure is almost never due to a model’s inability to uncover new insights or find patterns in data. By investing more heavily in tool and algorithm training, most organizations are working on the wrong end of the problem. Instead of preparing a goal-driven plan and tailored project design, they are leading with a technology focus . Most of today’s data scientists are skilled with trees, but lost in the forest.

And it’s not the fault of today’s practitioners. Commercial and academic courseware maintains a focus on analytic methods, software, and tactics. They focus on optimizing for technical metrics as opposed to goal-driven performance. Most analytic professionals launch directly into data and software before assessing strategic issues that cause otherwise valid models to die on the vine at implementation time.

Beyond lecture and demonstration, this course will actively lead you through structured and comprehensive analytic project design exercises that you can take home and apply. Those who stay for the full series will reference the completed design as the blueprints for full strategic implementation.

The developers of this course have been actively involved with the design, implementation, and deployment of real-world predictive modeling solutions. Their clients have been richly rewarded by recognizing doomed projects in advance and deriving real value from successful deployments.

There simply is no other vendor-neutral event in the marketplace that focuses exclusively on analytic project assessment, planning and design – let alone integrating seamlessly into an overarching series for end-to-end process implementation. The skills learned in this course are highly valued in the market.

Registrants will be required to view a three-hour asynchronous “Core Concepts” orientation prior to attending this event. Access details for the Core Concepts prerequisite will be shared with participants prior to the start of the course. Prior education or experience in data analytics or statistics is helpful, but not required.

1 Day/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for:

  • IT executives and Big Data directors: CIOs, CAOs, CTOs, stakeholders, functional officers, technical directors, and project managers who desire to extract and apply the true value hidden within their deluge of data
  • Line-of-business executives and functional managers: risk managers, CRM managers, public sector directors, business forecasters, inventory flow analysts, financial forecasters, medical diagnostic analysts, fraud and loss prevention managers, and eCommerce company executives
  • Data scientists: Who recognize the importance of complementing their tactical proficiency with a strategic planning and design approach to advanced analytics
  • Technology planners: Who survey emerging technologies in order to prioritize corporate investment
Consultants: Whose competitive environment is intensifying and whose success requires competency with data mining and related emerging information technologies

  • Core Concepts
  • Terms Used in Today’s Analytics Environment
  • Assess Phase
  • Plan Phase
  • Wrap-up and Next Steps

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