Applied C# Development .NET 6.0

.NET 6.0 is the latest release for the .NET platform. This course presents modern software development using C# under .NET 6.0. It starts out with a review of the important intermediate level object-oriented programming concepts in C# such as classes, namespaces, interfaces, indexers, generics, collections, delegates, LINQ, and events. Creation of tasks, processes, threads, synchronization and asynchronous programming under .NET is explained. Accessing databases using Entity Framework core along with design of proper layered data driven applications with popular design patterns is covered. .Net 6.0 introduces new features such as top-level statements, target-typed new expressions, global using directives, file-scoped namespaces, and nullable reference types are covered. Some medium sized projects are implemented during the course which cover important C# programming, user interface design and software architecture concepts.
Before taking this course, students should have some exposure to programming in any programming language.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Beginning to Intermediate level C# Programmers who would like to learn the latest development under .NET 6.0
  • C# Fundamental concepts review
  • C# Intermediate level Programming concepts
  • File and I/O Processing in C#
  • Creating Libraries and Assemblies
  • Database Programming and Entity Framework
  • Introduction to Creating WebAPI in .Net 6.0
  • Project Development using C# under .Net 6.0

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