Appreciative Inquiry

Do you love those moments of exception, when everything seems to come together and things are working beautifully? Would you like to create an environment in your team or organization where those extraordinary moments become the norm? Then you are ready to learn the value of Appreciative Inquiry, also known as AI. AI is a process for engaging people that is built around carefully structured inquiries. Its philosophy is rooted in being positive, sharing stories of things that work well, and leveraging strengths and the power of co-creation to initiate lasting, powerful changes that can make an organization the best it has ever been, because of people who care and are committed.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for managers, team and project leaders from government, private sector or non-profit organizations – anyone who wants to learn a positive approach that can be used for implementing change, team-building, strategic planning, organizational restructuring, evaluation, coaching and more. We encourage a team of at least two individuals from each organization to attend so they can return to the workplace ready to co-facilitate AI sessions. However, "singles" are definitely welcome!
Overview and Introduction
  • Defining Appreciative Inquiry
  • Success Principles
  • The 4-D Model
  • Test Driving
  • Action planning

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