ArcGIS Pro Shorts Series: Working with Temporal Data

The new ArcGIS Pro Shorts Series is a series of short, 2-4 hour (1/2 day) classes designed with a focus on a specific ArcGIS Pro topic. These classes provide a more focused, deep-dive study into a variety of topics. Temporal data represents the incidence of some variable in time and sampled at a regular or irregular interval. For example, you may want to map rainfall in Houston, TX on September 3rd, 2016. Or you might want to map wildfire incidents in California from 2010-2020. Time values in data can be representative of either a specific point in time or a time range. ArcGIS Pro supports time enabled data and includes a time slider that can be used to control the display of features based on a specific time stamp or a time range. In this class we’ll cover the following topics related to the visualization of temporal data in ArcGIS Pro
Students should have some prior working experience with ArcGIS Pro and/or have taken our Learning ArcGIS Pro 1 class. Software Requirements. Software Requirements: Students will need to have ArcGIS Pro (any license level) installed on their computers and have a valid login. This should be verified prior to the start of class.
.5 Days/Lecture
This course is intended for students who have some knowledge of ArcGIS Pro, and are looking to expand their knowledge of various labeling techniques for vector layers.
  • What is Temporal Data?
  • Configure Time in a Map
  • Visualize Time in a Map

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