ARIS v9 Architect/Designer Analysis (Custom for Boeing)

Use ARIS Architect and ARIS Designer to create analyze, and manage an ARIS Enterprise Process Architecture.
Students should have taken Boeing ARIS v9 Architect/Designer.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Application Architects, Application System Managers, Business Architects, IT Architects and Enterprise Architects.
  • Review ARIS EA Models
  • Communication of Business Architecture Repository
  • Access data in the ARIS repository easily to conduct comprehensive analytics using a three-step approach: Query - Template - Result
  • Define queries with the help of a graphical query builder and define how the data will be visualized-for example, in MicrosoftExcel spreadsheets, MicrosoftWord documents or ARIS MashZone dashboards
  • Browse the database in real-time regardless of ARIS model definition
  • Design, save and update customized viewpoints based on browsing results
  • Spreadsheets- Calculation, data analysis, results
  • Improved search - Rocket search capability
  • Wrap Up

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