Artifical Intelligence (AI) for Natural Language Processing (NLP) Introduction

We live in an era of so much data – a lot of it is text (emails, tweets, customer tickets, Yelp reviews, product reviews, etc.) In the field of AI, there is a revolution going on in the past few years. Researchers from companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Baidu has come up with breakthrough algorithms that can understand text data more than ever before. The applications are wide-ranging, including understanding documents, processing customer service tickets, and analyzing reviews. In this course, we will teach how to handle text data and introduce you to modern AI NLP technologies.
  • Programming background
  • Basic knowledge of Python language and Jupyter notebooks is recommended.
  • Even if you haven’t done any Python programming, Python is such an easy language to learn quickly. We will provide Python resources.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Developers, Data analysts, and Data Scientists.
  • Text Preparation
  • AI overview
  • AI with TensorFlow and Keras
  • NLP and Deep Learning
  • Unsupervised NLP (Optional)
  • Conversational AI (Optional)

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