Aruba Switching Fundamental for Mobility - 01077931 - NA

Training Summary
This course teaches you the fundamental skills necessary to configure andmanage modern, open standards-based networking solutions. This courseconsists of approximately 20% lecture and 80% hands-on lab exercises to helpyou learn how to implement and validate small to medium enterprise networksolutions. This 3-day course prepares network professionals for the HPE ATP -Aruba Mobile First Solutions V1 certification exam.In this course, participants learn about ArubaOS switch technologies including:VLANs, securing access, redundancy technologies such as MSTP, linkaggregation techniques including LACP, and switch virtualization with Aruba�sVirtual Switching Framework (VSF). You also learn about IP Routing includingstatic and dynamic IP routing with OSPF. This course teaches you how todeploy Aruba wireless Access Points and configure Aruba Clusteringtechnology. It also teaches you how to configure, manage and monitor the network with the Aruba AirWave management solution.
24 Hours

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