AS/400 COBOL Differences And Interactive Programming in ILE COBOL/400

This course is designed for those with a knowledge of the COBOL programming language who need to understand the extensions made for IBM's AS/400 version of ILE COBOL/400. A main focus is Database I/O and the way that COBOL/400 interacts with IBM i DDS (Data Description Specifications) to process Externally Described Database Files and internally defined files. Another main focus area is screen display files used for COBOL/400 interactive programming, as it replaces the IBM Mainframe CICS and screen panel programming model
Experience in writing COBOL programs. Introduction to Programming Concepts and Facilities Workshop (AS15) or equivalent experience.
5 Days Leture & Lab
  • Introduction
  • Interactive Programming Concepts
  • Using the Screen Design Aid (SDA)
  • Defining and Using Display File Data Structures
  • Error Handling and Informational Messaging
  • Modular Coding in ILE COBOL/400
  • Detecting, Handling and Avoiding
  • File and Record Locking Problems
  • Advanced Screen Processing

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