ASP.NET Core MVC, Rev. 6.0

Training Summary
This course is for anyone who knows the basics of HTML/CSS and C# and wants to learn how to use the ASP.NET Core platform to develop MVC web apps. That’s true whether you’re new to web development or whether you have experience with another web development platform.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is for developers that are familiar with .NET and C#.
Course Topics
  • An introduction to web programming with ASP.NET Core MVC
  • How to develop a single-page MVC web app
  • How to make a web app responsive with Bootstrap
  • How to develop a data-driven MVC web app
  • How to manually test and debug an ASP.NET Core web app
  • How to work with controllers and routing
  • How to work with Razor views
  • How to transfer data from controllers
  • How to work with session state and cookies
  • How to work with model binding
  • How to validate data
  • How to use EF Core
  • The Bookstore website
  • How to use dependency injection and unit testing
  • How to work with tag helpers, partial views, and view components
  • How to authenticate and authorize users
  • How to deploy ASP.NET Core MVC apps
  • How to use Visual Studio Code

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