Augmented Reality Development with Unity

Training Summary
In this course, students will learn to create VR and AR apps using industry standard tools Unity 3D and C#. Course participants will build a personal VR or AR application for their portfolio or as a project for a client. Training will be delivered onsite by certified VR and AR instructors. Instructors are approved based on their expertise, focus on quality education, and commitment to providing the highest level of training available.
Experience in multimedia or technical software is beneficial. This is a beginner friendly course, no previous experience is required. Students who have no programming experience will be guided with beginner coding resources. We will provide additional course preparation material to learn the fundamentals of programming and C#. All students with programming experience will be provided additional resources.
  • Each participant will need to bring a laptop (Windows or OSX), power supply and mouse
  • Install the free version of Unity 2019.0 or greater prior to the workshop
  • VR/AR devices will be supplied for each participant
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for anyone wanting to learn to create VR and AR apps using industry standard tools Unity 3D and C#.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to Unity
  • Introduction to Scripting, AR and Design Best Practices
  • Removing Digital Objects, Creating a User Interface, AR interaction
  • Introduction to VR Headsets and Their Setup
  • Grabbing Things And Force In VR
  • Reviewing and Throwing Objects, Factory AR
  • VR Interactions and Audio
  • Raycasting to Teleport and to Grab
  • Advanced Mechanics and Moving With the Trackpad.
  • Collaborating, Optimizing and Building Your Application!

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