Automating Windows Server 2008 Administration with Microsoft Windows PowerShell

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to utilize Windows PowerShell for administering and automating administration of Windows Server 2008. The course focuses on cmdlets, script structure and flow control, language syntax, and implementation details of scripting administrative tasks using COM, WMI, and .NET foundations.
Before attending this course students must have-Completed Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2008 Servers, or have equivalent knowledge of administrative tasks.-Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition and Microsoft Windows Script Host Essentials, or have equivalent knowledge of scripting and automation in Windows.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for Windows administrators interested in automating Windows Server 2008 administration tasks, as well as those people looking for a full-featured interactive command-line environment for Windows operating systems. Windows end users or developers who need to understand what is involved in Windows administration or command-line environments may also find this course helpful.
  • Introduction to Microsoft Windows PowerShell
  • Overview of Microsoft Windows PowerShell
  • Building Pipelines for Assembly-Line Style Processing
  • Managing Processes and Formatting Cmdlet Output
  • Implementing Scripts to Perform a Sequence of Operations
  • Implementing Flow Control and Functions
  • Working with Files, the Registry, and Certificate Stores
  • Using Microsoft Windows PowerShell with WMI
  • Administering Active Directory with Microsoft Windows PowerShell
  • Administering Group Policy in Microsoft Windows PowerShell
  • Managing Internet Information Services 7.0

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