Automic Workload Automation Script 1

Training Summary
Now that you know the basic building‐blocks of Automic Workload Automation, you can begin to utilize scripting inside your objects for advanced capabilities. Learn about Script Functions and Script Statements and how you can use basic programmatic skills to create loops, search reports, and activate objects based upon returned values.
Students should have completed:
  • Automic ONE Automation Foundations
  • Automic Workload Automation Design 1
  • Automic ONE Automation Scripting Foundations
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
Course Topics
  • Automation Script Introduction
  • Variable Declaration
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Logical Structures
  • Interaction with Variable Objects
  • Object Attributes
  • Data Sequences
  • Arrays
  • String Processing
  • Frequently Used Statements and Functions

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