Azure Event Hub

Training Summary
This course is designed for technical professionals looking to master Azure Event Hub, a highly scalable data streaming platform and event ingestion service. Attendees will learn how to collect, process, and analyze massive amounts of data in real time. The course covers Event Hub architecture, configuration, scaling, and integration with other Azure services for comprehensive event-driven architectures. Through expert instruction, hands-on labs, and scenario-based learning, participants will gain the skills to implement robust solutions using Azure Event Hub.
Attendees should have:
  • Basic understanding of cloud computing and Azure services
  • Familiarity with messaging and event-driven system concepts
  • Experience with a programming language such as C#, Python, or Java
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Developers and Data Engineers interested in real-time data processing
  • DevOps Engineers focusing on building scalable event-driven systems
  • IT Professionals and Cloud Architects designing solutions on Azure
Course Topics
  • Introduction to Azure Event Hub
  • Publishing and Consuming Events
  • Integrating Event Hubs with Azure Services
  • Event Hub Security and Compliance
  • Monitoring, Scaling, and Performance Optimization
  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability
  • Real-world Implementation Scenarios
  • Course Conclusion and Next Steps

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