Basic PowerBuilder 6 Programming

This course introduces the student to the PowerBuilder 6 development environment. Each component is covered in the context of using PowerBuilder 6 to develop GUI-based client/server business applications.
The student should have basic knowledge of the Windows or Window NT operating system and have experience in a programming language such as COBOL, PASCAL, or BASIC. The student should also have taken an Introduction to SQL course or have equivalent experience.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for application programmers responsible for the design and implementation of client/server applications using PowerBuilder 6.
  • Introduction
  • Establishing the development environment
  • Creating an application
  • Creating Windows
  • PowerBuilder scripts
  • User-defined function and events
  • Creating DataWindows
  • Managing Database tables
  • Implementing DataWindows
  • DataWindow updates
  • Creating menus
  • MDI applications
  • Distributing the application
  • Supplemental topics

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