Basics of IBM Rational ClearCase for UNIX

ClearCase is the IBM Rational tool for automating source code configuration management and configuration management of other software and documentation assets. This course teaches ClearCase users how to perform common day-to-day tasks in ClearCase. By providing a conceptual understanding of how ClearCase works and integrates with their normal environment, students are able to use ClearCase in their daily operations for optimal results. The workshop starts with an overview of the basics of configuration management practices in order to provide a conceptual framework for understanding how ClearCase is designed to integrate with their existing work processes. Students are then led by the instructor through hands on exploration of the features and UNIX based interface of ClearCase by working through typical ClearCase tasks using the Cleartool command line interface to ClearCase as well as the graphical tools supported in the UNIX environment.
Students should be familiar with using UNIX shell commands.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for anyone who will be working with, supporting or using ClearCase. This is an entry level course and presupposes no prior knowledge or experience of configuration management or Rational Software.
Introduction to Configuration Management::Introduction to ClearCase::Working with the ClearCase Interfaces::Setting Up ClearCase for use::Basic SCM Functions in ClearCase::More SCM Functions

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