Basics of z/OS RACF Administration - ES19G

Training Summary
This course begins with an introduction to the z/OS environment, TSO and ISPF/PDF, batch processing, and z/OS data sets. Hands-on labs allow you to gain experience with viewing and allocating data sets, submitting a batch job, and viewing job output. After the introduction to z/OS, you will then learn, through lecture and exercises, how to use basic RACF command parameters and panels to define users and groups, protect general resources, z/OS data sets, and choose a basic set of RACF options.
You should have:Some familiarity with z/OS system facilities (beneficial).Background material needed to proceed is presented the first day.
4.5 Days
This basic course is for those who are new to z/OS and the RACF and responsible for security administration using the RACF element of the z/OS Security Server. Those who need to implement some of the more advanced features of the RACF might want to attend one or more of the following courses:Effective RACF Administration (BE87G) Implementing RACF Security for CICS (ES84G) Exploiting the Advanced Features of RACF (ES88G)
Course Topics
List and describe the basic features and concepts of zSeries architecture and of the z/OS operating system as they relate to security administrationDescribe the allocation process for data sets in the z/OS environmentIdentify the security requirements of a systemUse the basic facilities and features of RACFDefine users to RACFSet up an RACF group structureUse RACF to protect resourcesSelect a base set of options to tailor RACFLearn about, Systems w/TPS, Mainframe TPS, Application Platforms TPS, z Enterprise Transaction Systems & integration

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