Beginning Level Alteryx Training

Are you new to Alteryx and want to learn more? This course provides on-site classroom training for Alteryx users. You will be guided through the use of basic Alteryx tools, and adapt quickly to the Alteryx interface. Training manual exercises are led by an Alteryx Certified Professional, providing detailed step-by-step instructions.Up to 12 students may be enrolled for the hands-on training. Each student should have their own laptop with Alteryx installed and licensed.In addition, training on the use of Spatial Analytics tools is available for beginners. Students will need to have licensed access to the Spatial Data Bundle and toolset.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for students who are new to Alteryx or have less than six months experience working with Alteryx.
  • Understand Alteryx Designer terminology
  • Learn the Designer User and Workflow Settings
  • Become familiar with the Alteryx Designer Interface
  • Utilize all of the tools in the Favorite Tools toolset
  • Learn how the Designer processes data
  • Browse data at any point in the workflow
  • Connect to data sources and update data
  • Manually and dynamically rename fields
  • Remove fields from the data stream
  • Sample and sort data
  • Filter records
  • Add a Record ID
  • View and modify field data types manually and automatically
  • Blend data from various sources
  • Transpose (Pivot) data
  • Group Records
  • Construct expressions to modify, update or add fields
  • Parse data into multiple fields
  • Utilize date/time formats
  • Output data to various file formats
  • Create basic reports containing tables and maps
  • Annotate and document your workflow
  • Use tool containers to manage workflows
  • Save workflows and share them with other Alteryx Designer users
  • Find additional resources on the Alteryx training website and Alteryx Community
  • Spatial Analytics tools

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