Being an Effective Team Leader

Effective teams don’t just happen but are often the result of a team leader creating and managing an environment where teams can coalesce start to work in a cohesive and productive manner while maintaining the sort of positive work environment the engenders loyalty to the team. The most effective team leaders do not create teams but create an environment in which the team members themselves drive the formation and strengthening of the team. The responsibility of the team leader is assist each team member to acquire the team skills they need to be effective members of the team and to provide a framework that teaches and supports the sorts of positive activities, attitudes and communications the build strong and healthy teams. This course is a hands on intensive exploration of the critical skills for team leaders. Approximately 70% of the class time is allocated to hands on activities.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is appropriate for everyone.
  • Understanding team dynamics.
  • Motivating – how to motivate and inspire people.
  • Coaching – how to make team members better in a positive way.
  • Feedback and criticism – how to communicate information to team members so that it is heard and acted on.
  • Team design – how to assemble a team with complementary skill sets.
  • Communication – setting standards and providing examples of honest, respectful and effective communication.
  • Leadership – the critical qualities that good leaders must possess.
  • Managing criticism – delivering criticism to team members and accepting criticism.
  • Listening skills – understanding how team members think.
  • Conflict resolution – working with differences between people on a team.
teamwork – ways to make teams more effective.
  • Facilitate the sharing of expertise and resources among team members.
  • Create opportunities for groups to work together.
  • Develop teams that support and are in alignment with the organization's broader goals.
  • Create cross-functional teams to solve problems.

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