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Big Data needs proper tools and skills, and this workshop brings you “from zero to hero,” that is, provides the student with the necessary knowledge of Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL. With these three fundamentals, you will be able to build systems processing massive amounts of data, in archival, batch, interactive and finally real-time manner. The workshop also lays foundations for proper analytics, allowing to extract insights from data.

Students should be comfortable with Java programming language (most programming exercises are in java), and comfortable in Linux environment (be able to navigate Linux command line, edit files using vi / nano).


This course is designed for developers.


  • Spark Basics
  • RDDs In Depth
  • Spark API programming
  • Spark Streaming
  • NoSQL
  • Cassandra Basics
  • Cassandra drivers
  • Data Modeling – part 1
  • Data Modeling – part 2
  • Data Modeling Labs : Group design sessions

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