BizTalk 2013 Administrator Deep Dive

Learn how to create and implement plans for performance tuning, scaling-out, and automated monitoring. If you want to understand how to keep your BizTalk Server environments healthy, happy, and issue-free, this is the course for you. In this course, you will learn how to configure your hardware, network, SQL Server, and BizTalk Server for ideal performance and sustained health.

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for:Experienced BizTalk Server Administrators - who have at least six months of hands-on expereince managing BizTalk Server deploymentsExperienced BizTalk Server Developers who support operations personnel with running health checks and performance tuning

  • Review of BizTalk Server Fundamentals
  • Managing BizTalk Server
  • Understanding Hosts and Host Instances
  • Tracking BizTalk Server Activity
  • Handling Runtime Exceptions
  • Monitoring BizTalk Server
  • Automated Monitoring of BizTalk Server
  • Performance Testing and Tuning Practices and Methodologies
  • Optimizing BizTalk Server Performance
  • Performance Tuning Windows Server
  • Performance Tuning SQL Server
  • Optimizing Resource Usage Through Throttling
  • Maintaining a Healthy BizTalk Server Environment

Students should have at least six months of hands-on experience managing BizTalk Server deployments.

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