BizTalk 2013 Developer Immersion

Learn the nuance and intricacies of BizTalk Server development. After five days of intense hands-on BizTalk 2013 training, developers will gain the core skills required to create enterprise-level integration and business process automation solutions using BizTalk Server 2013. This course provides a thorough guide through all aspects of integration application development using BizTalk Server, including new features for BizTalk Server 2013 such as: running BizTalk applications in the cloud (IaaS), integrating with RESTful services, and integrating with cloud-based services on Windows Azure. Become a valuable member of any BizTalk development team by taking the course with the most up-to-date and most relevent content available. The BizTalk 2013 Developer Immersion training offers developers much more advanced content than the Microsoft Official Curriculum for BizTalk Server (MOC 2933), or any other competing course. This course content includes instructor-led presentation materials, classroom demonstrations, challenging hands-on labs, and an electronic workbook containing notes and links to additional online resources.

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for: Developers - learn to build & deploy BizTalk integration & business process applications. Solutions Architects - learn to design & plan BizTalk enterprise solutions. Systems Evaluators - gain a comprehensive understanding of BizTalk Server capabilities & toolsets.

  • Introduction to BizTalk Server
  • Creating Schemas
  • Creating Maps
  • Deploying BizTalk Applications
  • Creating Messaging-Based Solutions
  • Configuring Adapters and Hosts
  • Creating Pipelines
  • Basic Orchestration Design
  • Advanced Orchestration Design

Before taking this course, students should have .NET experience.

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