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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an electronic communication method that provides standards for exchanging data via electronic means. These standards enable two different companies or organizations, even in two different countries, to electronically exchange documents such as purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, and many others. Organizations all over the world use EDI as the foundation for intra-business communication.
This course is designed for experienced BizTalk Developers and Administrators who are responsible for planning, creating, and deploying EDI-based integration solutions using BizTalk Server. Attendees of this course will learn how to implement sophisticated business-to-business integration solutions using EDIFACT, X12 (including HIPAA), and AS2.

Students should have experience with core BizTalk Server development concepts and skills. The course assumes that attendees already understand the key concepts of the core BizTalk Server runtime and want to explore fully the EDI/AS2 features and capabilities of the BizTalk Server platform.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

  • Experienced BizTalk Server Developers who have hands-on experience developing BizTalk Server applications.
  • Experienced BizTalk Server Administrators who have hands-on experience supporting BizTalk Server applications.

  • Review of BizTalk Server Fundamentals
  • Integration with Trading Partners
  • EDI Agreement Deep Dive
  • Creating Messaging-Based EDI Solutions
  • Splitting EDI Interchanges
  • Enabling EDI Message Batching
  • Enabling AS2-Based Integration
  • Tracking Events and Data from EDI Messages
  • Working with EDI Schemas
  • Transforming EDI Messaging

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