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Hello, Brillo

Overview of the Brillo (and Weave) stack, including an overview of the features provided by Google and how it compares to its parent system&mdsah;Android. Recorded at DevFest MN 2016.

Building Microservices with Spring Cloud

Spring Developer Advocate, Josh Long, unravels Microservices and will introduce you to the Spring Cloud project to support cloud-scale and cloud-ready microservices in this presentation from the SF Java User Group.

Angular Tutorial using REST APIs for Beginners

This is an AngularJS tutorial to show how to create a web application using Rest API integration. In this web application tutorial you'll learn how to create an AngularJS app. The full Angular source code is provided at the end of the tutorial.

Why the Mainframe is Still Relevant: 4 Reasons to Get COBOL Education

s Client Server Technologies surged in the mid 90's, the mainframe was predicted to be dead at or near the turn of the century. The debate still carries on throughout the world of IT. That debate has two sides. On one side are those who believe that the mainframe is obsolete and enterprise organizations are running into massive handicaps and maintenance drag with their legacy systems. On the other hand, the supporters claim that enterprise companies and government organizations are so reliant on these systems that it will be a long time if ever before they'll stop using them. Who is right? Both, perhaps.

Introduction to Firebase and iOS

Learn how you can use the Firebase iOS SDK to build powerful apps without writing a single line of server code in this presentation fro the The Silicon Valley iOS Developers' Meetup.

JVM Mechanics

In this talk, you'll learn through running Java code how the JVM decides to compile your code and see firsthand some situations where the JVM may get it wrong and have to deoptimize

Spark: A Coding Joyride | QCon SF 2015

In this tour from QCon SF, I'll show you Spark's ability to rapidly process Big Data. I'll demonstrate extracting information with RDDs, querying data using DataFrames, visualizing and plotting data, and show you how to create a machine-learning pipeline with Spark-ML and MLLib. We'll also discuss the internals which make Spark 10-100 times faster than Hadoop MapReduce and Hive.

How to Sharpen your Software Development Skills

When it comes to software development, you know that the more experience you have and the better your skills are, the more efficiently you'll be able to execute changes, fix bugs and write new functionality and usable programs. An experienced developer can't afford to trial and error his or her code and getting to that point takes time and education..

Android Testing: New Course from ProTech

ProTech is pleased to announce our latest Android development course&mdsah;Android Testing. Android Testing is a three-day course focusing specifically on tools and techniques to effectively integrate automated testing into your application development workflow.

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