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Eliminate Software Development Backlog by Becoming a Power Programmer

Sometimes even a well-practiced developer can experience inefficiencies. If you're starting to feel like a little bogged down with your backlog of work and you're getting in all the coding you can, it may be time to explore other things you can do to eliminate that backlog by becoming a power programmer.

Google Proximity Beacons - Part 2

After you've fed some data into the Proximity Beacon API, how do you retrieve that information client-side when the mobile device observes your beacons out in the wild? In this article, we'll discuss how the Nearby Messages API provides the missing link to make this easy.

Growing Opportunity for Software Developers

When it comes to hot jobs for 2015, software development, programming and technology are at the top of the list. But did you know exactly how much opportunity and growth opportunity exists for developers in this field? Check out our infographic below and see exactly where the greatest opportunity lies.

Google Proximity Beacons - Part 1

Google's Proximity Beacon API provides an abstraction layer for managing beacon deployments in the field. In this article, you will learn the basics concepts related to the Beacon API, and how to get an API project set up with Google.

Python Programming Tutorials: For Loops

As you program in Python, there may be a scenario where you need to execute a block of code several different times. Generally, statements are executed sequentially. The first statement in a function is executed first, followed by the second and so on. In Python there are control structures that allow for more complicated execution paths. A loop statement allows us to execute a statement or group of statements multiple times.

Designing for the Apple Watch

You may be familiar with responsive web design for desktop, tablets, and phones - but what about Apple Watch? Which design principles can we carry over, and which principles do we need to rethink?

8 Ways you're Demotivating your Development Team

Many programmers have been doing what they do since they were in grade school. They're passionate about it and like creating things. It's not hard to motivate a really good developer, since he or she often spends plenty of time self-educating. It's also not hard to demotivate a really great developer. If you're starting to see a lack of productivity in your programmers or appear to be have an increasing employee turnover rate, it's very possible that you might be demotivating your development team.

Android M: Tweaking System UI Tuner

Android 'M' includes a System UI Tuner developer option to control aspects of the status bar. We can also programmatically control this element from the shell or another application.

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