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Demystifying Type Inference

Understanding type inference can be tricky... even for experts in Scala. Jon Pretty does his best to clear up some of the confusion and questions.

Love + Node - Forward 2 Keynote

Where are the intersections of emotion and technology, specifically in the ways that humans engage with hardware, and in the context of this era that we've agreed to called the Internet of Things?

Must-Have Qualities in IT Training Instructors

Learning a new programming skill can sometimes feel a lot like running a mental marathon. Experienced instructors who are enthusiastic and engaging make this process a bit less painful. When looking for instructors for your training program, keep in mind that knowledge of the topic or skill is not the only thing that a trainer needs.

Scala Needs YOU!

Dick Wall is on a mission to make positive changes to the Scala language. This talk outlines his ideas on how to make contributing easier, more fun, and a generally better experience

Building Addons with Ember CLI

There have been a lot of updates to Ember in recent years. This talk includes an introduction to some of the cool new features, as well as advice on how to transition to Ember from another framework.

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