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5 Ways to Avoid Common IT Training Mistakes

Have you ever blindly gone into a situation without a plan in place? Even if you happened to have a positive outcome, it was probably a stressful situation. Having an IT training plan for the upcoming year is a proactive way to prepare your team to meet their goals in 2015. To position your team for success, make sure that your approach is timely and that your training plans align well with your developer/company goals. This helps prevent the mistake of making a plan without all the required details and input on the business side.

Web Components & the Future of CSS

CSS is what got Philip Walton into web development, but he knows that it has its issues. When he found out about Web Components, he immediately started thinking about how the two might work together.

4 Things to Remember with Pair Programming

Pair programming is touted for the benefits of teamwork, the clean code that it produces, and the skills that it refines. It also helps to ensure that all code is well-conceived from the start. It's important to note that it's embraced by some organizations but not others when it becomes a battle of egos and audits. Before you make a decision on how you should implement pair programming for your team, you'll want to explore some of the different aspects of pair programming that may or may not be right for your team.

Open Source Product Management with npm

Npm is many things. As Forrest L Norvell points out, it more than just a project to support the installation of packages. It is also a company, a team, a philosophy, an ethos, and a product family.

Node.js in 20 Minutes

Edmond Meinfelder introduces how to receive and send HTTP requests, streams, clusters and flow control with promises and async. He covers the basics of NPM and this exciting JavaScript framework.

Just Enough Research

Research can sound like a scary word, "it may sound like money you don't have, time you can't spare, and expertise you have to seek," But it really does matter and Erika Hall explains why.

4 Useful Tips for IT Education Planning in 2015

With only a few weeks left in 2014, many are starting to look at education budgets and attempting to maximize their allotment for training in 2015. In the past, many enterprise organizations have used a somewhat reactive approach to education. This approach allows developers and IT engineers to identify the courses they want and opt for tuition reimbursement or pull from a budget. While this strategy might be serving you well now, it's easy to exhaust budgets before the end of the year.

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