How Instructor-Led Training Can Boost Your IT Team’s Performance

How Instructor-Led Training Can Boost Your IT Team’s Performance

Organizations are exploring new ways to improve digital learning. However, Instructor-Led Training (ILT) is still the most effective way to train IT teams. This is due to its practical approach to teaching complex subjects.

Working with an instructor helps trainees better grasp the learning material, as they can ask questions and receive immediate feedback. This is especially important for complex technical topics, such as learning how to run Python scripts or create database-driven websites.

Explore how instructor-led training can help your IT team improve its performance. 

What Is Instructor-Led Training (ILT)?

Instructor-led training (ILT) is any form of training session led by an instructor to a learner instead of independent study or self-paced training. ILT may be offered in person, remotely, or both.

Benefits of ILT for Corporations and IT Professionals

ILT offers many advantages for corporations and IT professionals. Whether you are seeking professional development for your career or training solutions for your organization, here are some of the benefits of ILT:

  • Real-time feedback
  • Personalized learning
  • Predictable, fixed costs
  • Greater retention of knowledge
  • Access to a variety of training programs

Real-Time Feedback

Unlike self-paced or on-demand learning, ILT offers real-time feedback. Trainees can ask questions and receive an immediate response. 

Instant feedback helps prevent confusion and ensures that trainees understand the material. ILT offers a more hands-on approach that encourages participation and discussion. 

Personalized Learning

ILT can easily accommodate personalized learning. Instructors and instructor-led training companies can tailor their lessons and training techniques to fit the needs of their clients better.

Predictable, Fixed Costs

Instructor-led training classes offer predictable, fixed costs, which makes it easier for organizations to control and plan for the cost of training. There are no surprises when you work with an instructor-led training company to develop custom IT training.

Greater Retention of Knowledge

ILT helps ensure that trainees retain more knowledge gained from the training session. With self-paced learning, a trainee may rush through the material without engaging with it. 

ILT involves active participation and reinforcing new skills and knowledge, which boosts information retention. 

Access to a Variety of Training Programs

Instructor-led IT training companies offer access to various training programs, including developing on AWS, Java database connectivity, and more. Training companies even offer introductory courses, such as getting started with Excel or introducing SharePoint.

How ILT Can Boost Your IT Team’s Performance

Instructor-led training courses are the most common training solution, with 94% of organizations using ILT as the primary form of learning. ILT becomes even more beneficial for highly specialized fields such as information technology (IT).

Instructor-led IT training can significantly improve the performance of an IT team. It offers an opportunity for IT staff to get more out of the training sessions and develop new skills for performing their jobs more effectively. 

You can also find the most relevant training programs based on your current needs. Choose from a wide range of IT topics, including specialized areas of IT, such as software quality assurance and mainframe courses.

Let’s explore some ways that ILT can improve the performance of your IT team.

Increased Productivity

ILT can help improve the productivity of IT staff by teaching them new skills and techniques. They may also explore the latest technologies and software for completing their work more efficiently.

While on-demand training also allows trainees to learn new skills and knowledge, it requires more time commitment and may not produce the same results.

With self-paced training, IT staff may need to spend additional time researching answers to their questions. With ILT, trainees can ask questions and receive answers instantly.

Improved Quality of Work

ILT may lead to better quality work. Utilizing the latest tools and training can help workers perform their jobs better. They become better equipped to complete their job duties, which results in a higher quality of work. 

Reduced Errors

ILT can reduce errors by ensuring that IT staff understand the software or technologies they received training for, such as Oracle Database Administration or Azure Integration Services programs.

With self-paced learning, a participant may overlook specific details or fail to fully grasp the steps involved in completing a particular task. These omissions increase the risk of errors, which can decrease productivity. With instructor-led IT training courses, errors become less of a concern. 

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

The combination of benefits discussed can lead to greater employee satisfaction. You can equip your IT staff with the knowledge and tools needed to get their jobs done more efficiently, which frees up time and makes their work less stressful. 

Types of Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-led training is offered in-person, virtual, or a blend of two or more training formats. Here is a closer look at each type of instructor-led training.

In-Person Training

In-person training involves face-to-face instruction, which is the most traditional and often includes a classroom setting. In-person training may involve 1:1 training, small group training, lectures, or workshops.

Face-to-face training allows trainees and instructors to interact and discuss the topics of the course in more detail. This level of interaction is only sometimes available through other training formats, such as on-demand learning and webinars. 

Virtual Training

Virtual training is delivered through digital means, such as video chats and conferencing software. As with in-person training, the training is completed in real-time.

Virtual training can provide a convenient alternative to in-person training, as arranging for a large group may be more manageable. However, it can also limit discussion and open dialogue, which are some of the advantages of traditional, in-person instructor-led training courses. 

Blended Training

Blended instructor-led training sessions are a hybrid option that combines two or more training methods. This may include a combination of in-person training and virtual training or other formats.

You can enjoy the benefits of both instructor-led online training and in-person training. Some of the most common learning methods include:

  • In-person instructor-led training
  • Online instructor-led webinars
  • On-demand learning videos
  • Self-paced learning platforms

The most beneficial training formats are the ones that involve active learning, such as group discussion and active participation. Studies show that active learning leads to greater knowledge retention, among other advantages.

Blended training suits all types of IT topics through various course delivery options, from live to virtual. 

Blended training can incorporate the best formats for you and your IT staff. For example, you may include a combination of webinars and on-demand training to enjoy the benefits of both methods. 

Software for ILT

Whether you choose in-person, virtual, or blended, ILT software can help with every aspect of training. Software solutions are available for talent managers, no matter the topic, including CISSP instructor-led training, Tableau instructor-led training or any other IT course.

Training Management Systems

Training management systems (TMS) help talent managers in their training operations. 

A TMS handles the administrative aspects of managing instructor-led training programs. It simplifies the management process, making providing quality training to more team members easier.

Learning Management Systems

A learning management system (LMS) is designed to facilitate training programs. Talent managers use LMS solutions to streamline training management, including access to training materials and other resources.

Online Collaboration Tools

Online collaboration tools can supplement ILT software by making it easier to share information and communicate. Some of the most used online collaboration tools for instructor-led training courses include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Miro Whiteboard.

Zoom is a commonly used video conferencing platform, and it is frequently used for webinars and meetings. It also includes a whiteboard feature for sharing information on a digital canvas.

Microsoft Teams offers a robust chat functionality, which enables instructors to communicate with learners in real time. With chat, instructors can send messages, share files, and collaborate with learners from within the platform. 

Miro Whiteboard is a separate, dedicated virtual whiteboard for sharing ideas and information in real-time. As with Zoom, it can enhance the quality of instructor-led programs. 

What’s Next for ILT?

Instructor-led training companies continue to embrace the latest technologies and developments in their industries. By looking at the latest trends, you can learn more about what to expect from ILT in the coming years.

One of the biggest trends of recent years is the shift to virtual learning and blended learning. While face-to-face training remains preferred for most corporate training, companies are more willing to explore virtual training solutions.

The Future of ILT

Based on current trends, instructor-led training will likely continue relying on technology to remain at the forefront of corporate training solutions. In the coming years, you may see an increase in micro-learning and AI-powered learning.

Microlearning involves short training sessions to teach specific skills in a shorter period. AI-powered learning consists in leveraging artificial intelligence to deliver a personalized learning experience.

Is ILT Right for Your Organization?

Instructor-led training classes offer many advantages for organizations across all industries. However, some companies are likely to benefit more from ILT. 

ILT provides a higher level of training compared to self-paced options. Participants can receive hands-on training or direct instruction from an experienced instructor. These advantages help increase the effectiveness of ILT compared to other training solutions.

How to Decide If ILT Is Right for Your Organization

To decide if ILT is right for you, it is essential to examine the instructor-led training advantages and disadvantages.

ITL courses offer many benefits not available through eLearning and on-demand learning programs. ILT programs are adaptable, engaging, and provide real-time feedback. 

ILT programs also require more effort in planning and scheduling, especially when arranging instructor-led computer training for a large group. Hence, working with a company familiar with this process is crucial. 

Self-paced IT training programs allow staff to learn at their own pace, such as during downtime at work, during their lunch, or after work. Instructor-led training may require employees to take time off from their regular duties. 

While ILT has a higher upfront cost and initial time commitment, it becomes more cost-effective and time efficient. 

Self-paced learners often need to review the information they overlooked, which is less of an issue with ILT. The increased productivity and benefits of ILT also provide a better return in the long run.

Factors to Consider When Choosing ILT Solutions

After deciding to use instructor-led training, you must determine which solution best meets your needs. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing ILT:

  • Flexibility
  • Availability
  • Experience

Consider the type of instructor-led training that you want for your organization. When looking for instructor-led training companies, focus on training providers with the flexibility needed to meet your needs. They should also be available to provide training at times that work for you and your staff.


If you are ready to explore ILT solutions for your organization, choose an experienced IT training company. The team at ProTech specializes in corporate training and offers flexible solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you want live, virtual, or blended instructor-led training courses, contact ProTech for more details.


Published May 24, 2023