5 Ways to Keep Up with the Latest in Technology Trends

As an IT training solutions provider, we at ProTech know a thing or two about new technologies. And while some people get excited about a new album hitting the radio or a new book hitting Amazon’s virtual shelf, we get “geeked-out” excited when new technologies emerge. And thanks to the high-tech era in which we live, that hunger gets fed often! For those of you who are immersed within your own business trenches, here is a quick how-to list to help get you and your team up to speed with the ever-evolving tech trends. We do so without taking you too far away from your own day-to-day business tasks. It can be that easy.

Traditional Training (on-site, off-site, virtual, webinars)

Professional training is the best approach. When you are bogged down with work, your time becomes more valuable than ever. The time you dedicate to training should be spent with instructors who are subject matter experts who can teach in a concise manner. At ProTech, we also offer training in a variety of delivery formats such as on-site, off-site, and virtual. We recognize that your business calendar is a busy one and our goal is to accommodate our clients wherever we can. We also routinely offer free webinars on current, hot topics, and we add new courses to our calendar daily. Who better to train you than our team of passionate, technical experts. With over 25 years of training expertise under our belts, we’ve got this!

Face-to-Face, User Groups

These old school social networking groups still exist! The benefit in these can be infinite. For one, user group meetings are usually technology specific and give you a chance to meet people locally that are doing what you are doing, or what you want to be doing. They are also a great way to hear about the conferences that are showcasing new technologies in your area. Lastly, they can also provide interesting discussions that you might not otherwise be exposed to.

Web Media

Online searching can be an excellent resource. Google is often my best friend, and may in fact be how you found this blog today! However, one challenge you may encounter in these searches are that they don’t always get the latest results. Especially when searching up new technologies, be cautious that the article you are reading isn’t 2 years old.

Print Media

This option may be considered archaic by many of you, but don’t dismiss them too soon. Be certain to check that you are looking at the latest version of the technology too. You must also be very careful with books since there is often a 3-month publishing delay, but magazine and newspaper publications can be another good resource. Most magazines and newspapers also have an online presence available for little to no cost.

Social Media

Last, but certainly not least, is social media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, all provide opportunities to connect and follow technical experts and organizations. The chances of you finding the latest in information is good, and you can continue to have these experts regularly appear within your newsfeed if you choose to follow/connect with them.


We hope this has provided some assistance on how you can best stay on top of the latest technologies. We would welcome the opportunity to be your training provider. Coupled with our 25+ years experience, we have trained over 250,000 IT professionals. We also have the most top-notch customer service-driven Account Managers, many of whom have been with us since our start. With our passion for technology married with our strong customer service acumen, we are a one stop shop. 

Published August 14, 2018