Akka HTTP &mdsah; The What, Why and How

“We were actually quite surprised at the amount of uptake and interest in this HTTP library, […] but when you think about it, you realize, there’s a good reason why we all need a proper HTTP stack.”

Mathias Doenitz kicks off this year’s Northeast Scala Symposium with a thorough investigation of Akka HTTP, its use cases and the improvements it brings over its predecessor scary.io. “The world has changed significantly, as you all know, we now live in a multi-everything world (multi-threaded, multi-cored, multi-machined, multo-data-centered), which has the affect that all our applications are now distributed.”

This talk is for those who wish to provide or consume HTTP-based APIs with Scala or Java. According to his talk’s abstract, Mathias asserts that “Akka HTTP takes reactive high-performance web interactions to the next level,” then, "you will not want to use anything else after having tried it."

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Published February 9, 2015