AnDevCon: A Deep Dive into RenderScript

Due to Android's use of Java as the primary development language and environment, many developers believe the only way to support high-performance mathematics for items such as highly computational 3D graphics is to develop most of their applications in native code (C/C++) using the Android NDK. Introduced in Android 3.x as a simplified way to boost performance of mathematical calculations and 3D graphics operations, RenderScript offers a compelling alternative without requiring the developer to deal with native code and JNI.

In this presentation from AnDevCon, I'll cover what RenderScript is and then dives into typical use cases, pitfalls and debugging. The underlying details of the RenderScript implementation will also be covered, so you gain an understanding of the technology.

Additionally, I will cover RenderScript usage and an in-depth examination of its capabilities and underpinnings. The presentation will include code samples to demonstrate the technology as well as reviewing the internals. You should be familiar with Android development and the Android SDK tools. Previous knowledge of 3D graphics is not required.

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Published December 9, 2013