AnDevCon: New Gradle Build Process

Google recently announced that they are moving away from Eclipse and ANT in favor of IntelliJ and Gradle for Android development. This is a source of anxiety for developers and project managers who may have invested stake in the former. What does this change mean for your project? What are the advantages to the new development tools? How can you migrate your source code to the new tool set with the least disruption to day-to-day development?

In order to help answer these questions, Geoff Matrangola, Software Development Lead at Praxis Engineering and ProTech Instructor, delivers a session at AnDevCon to describe the differences between the old and new tool set, and how to best leverage the new capabilities and architecture of Gradle. You will learn about the features of Gradle (like build variants and flavors) and how to write a Gradle script to build their Android Project using real-world examples.

AnDevCon is coming to Boston!

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Published December 14, 2013