Android Application Development - StatusData

Class 4, Part 1. This video comes from Marakana's 5-Day Android Bootcamp Training Course which Marko Gargenta taught in San Jose, CA earlier this year.

In the previous tutorial, Class 3, Part 3, you learned how to create a local database for your Android app. Now, Marko will show you how to create the service (UpdaterService) that pulls data from the cloud and then inserts it into your local database.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • How to create the service that will pull data from the cloud and store it in your local database
  • How to verify that your database was created
  • How to use sqlite3 - A tool that ships with Android which gives you access to your database

You can find all of the videos from the Android Bootcamp Screencast Series here.

Get the source code for this tutorial here!

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Published March 2, 2011