Android Application Development - TimelineActivity

Class 4, Part 2. This video comes from Marakana's 5-Day Android Bootcamp Training Course which Marko Gargenta taught in San Jose, CA earlier this year.

In this tutorial, you're going to learn how to create a new activity called TimelineActivity that will display all the statuses from your friends. It pulls the data from the database and displays it on the screen. Initially, we do not have a lot of data in the database, but as we keep on using the application, the amount of statuses we have may explode. Our application needs to account for that.

We are going to build this activity in couple of steps, at each point keeping the application whole and complete as we make improvements.

  • The first iteration of TimelineActivity uses a TextView to display all the output from the database. Since there may be quite a bit of data, we will use ScrollView to wrap our large amount of text in so that there are scroll bars on provided.
  • The second iteration uses the much more scalable and efficient ListView and Adapter approach. In this step, you will learn how Adapters and Lists work.
  • Finally, we will create a custom Adapter to handle some additional business logic. At this point, we are going under the hood of an adapter and adding custom processing. You'll understand the purpose and usage of adapters better after this exercise.

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Get the source code for this tutorial here!

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Published March 16, 2011