Android Testing: New Course from ProTech

ProTech is pleased to announce our latest Android development course—Android Testing!

Here at ProTech, our goal is to make sure developers have the best understanding possible of the tools that will make their lives easier. For too long, test automation has been a concept rejected by mobile application developers—with the quality of the code left to suffer. Many don't recognize the value of writing tests, or have concluded that the time investment is too large and will not yield a significant return. In Android Testing, we take a pragmatic approach to test automation that should convince any developer that writing tests is not "wasting time".

Android Testing is Hard…Google Wants to Make it Easier

Testing on Android has a reputation…we all know that. Google has been hard at work over the past year making automated testing easier to integrate and execute for Android application developers. New product releases—such as the Android Testing Support Library and Cloud Test Lab—have made huge strides in bringing first-party testing solutions to the platform. Google is also committed to integrating these solutions with the developer tools, ensuring the best possible build+test experience in both Android Studio and Gradle.

What will you learn?

We want to show you how to get the most from Google's test automation tools, and build tests that stand the test of time. In this course, you will learn the basics of how to build and organize a robust automated test suite for the Android platform. We will explore how the latest Android Testing Support Library offerings from Google provides developers with a platform that greatly simplifies test automation—and we will compare it to other popular 3rd party solutions. We also focus on how to integrate the automated tests you've written into continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipelines, to produce well-tested code at any scale!

After taking Android Testing, you will be able to assert why test automation is important to the overall application project—whether you are a single developer or working in the enterprise—and you will gain valuable experience with the tools you need to implement it in your professional projects.

Interested in learning more? To sign up, take a look at our upcoming public classes or contact us to schedule a private on-site training.

Published October 12, 2015