App Dev Conf: Supporting an API Across Many Devices

This session covers the development and support associated with providing an API platform that can be used across devices from smartphones and tablets to TVs and cars. This session will give you some key "do's" and "dont's" about developing an API to successfully drive your apps and services across the full spectrum of connected devices.

Pt. 1: Supporting an API Across Many Devices

Andy Raskin, Director of Product Marketing at Mashery talks about the explosion of API-powered apps on devices and how the proliferation of connected devices is changing the way customers and companies interact.

Pt. 2: APIs for an Internal Audience

In this 10-minute presentation, Daniel Jacobson, Director of Engineering, API, Netflix talks APIs for an internal audience.

Pt. 3: Transforming your Customer Relationships Through an Integrated Mobile API-based Platform

Scott Schwarzhoff, VP of Marketing and Developer Relations at Appcelerator talks about transforming your customer relationships through an integrated mobile API-based Platform.

Pt. 4: Optimizing APIs for Many Devices

Greg Brail, VP of Technology at Apigee is going to talk about optimizing APIs for many devices.

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Published December 2, 2011