Behavior-Driven Development with Gordon Force

Seasoned Java architect and Agile Development consultant Gordon Force discusses Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) with the San Francisco Java User Group on January 10th, 2012. BDD evolved by incorporating what works from Test-Driven Development, Agile User Stories, Domain Driven Design and XP with an emphasis on product behavior testing over unit testing.

Project stakeholders and team members focus on the problem domain and develop a common language for expressing a product's desired behavior as stories and acceptance test criteria. Developers can then map the stories and criteria on their test code to verify application behavior and report results in the same common language.

Gordon's slides:

Example jbehave project referred to in this talk.

About this event
This event was presented by The San Francisco Java User Group on January 10, 2012, organized by Marakana and hosted by StackMob.

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Published January 23, 2012