Blaze: Overview & Tutorial

Blaze is one of many open source projects from Continuum Analytics. It’s a project that’s under evolution, "an ambitious effort to provide uniform, Pythonic interface to modern datasets and computation platforms, [...] providing a richer schema for ‘messy’ data and, more importantly, builds an expression graph which can be evaluated on a variety of 'backends' ranging from CSV files to SQL, Mongo, and Spark.”

Peter Wang, our speaker, is the co-founder of Continuum Analytics, alongside Travis Oliphant who is the original author and primary developer of NumPy. In this talk at SF Python, he states, “Blaze is an attempt to take [NumPy] and generalize it for now.”

In addition to overviewing the core ideas, this conversation goes into some examples of IPython Notebooks (showing the current status of development), as well as Peter's thoughts on the future of Python and data.


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Published October 7, 2014