Blazor WebAssembly: Live demo

Blazor WebAssembly is an exciting new Microsoft framework that lets you build rich, interactive web applications that run C# on the browser, instead of JavaScript. With Blazor WebAssembly, both your client and your server code are written in C#. It does not rely on plugins or add-ons. It only requires that the browser support WebAssembly and ALL modern browsers do support it. Blazor WebAssembly is built on the mature .NET ecosystem and is enterprise ready.


In this hour-long presentation, our expert will show you how to get started with Blazor WebAssembly. She will demonstrate how to secure your Blazor WebAssembly application and how to convert your application into a Progressive Web Application (PWA). 


Join ProTech and our Blazor expert, Toi Wright as she helps you get started with this new framework and provides a Live demonstration.

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