Bokeh: Interactive Web Plots & Dashboards

A few years ago, Peter Wang was sure that as the years went on, he would still want to be doing data related work. He was also sure that he wanted to work in Python, so he came to a thought, how could he help make sure Python retained longevity as technology advanced and new tools were created?

Well, in 2012, Peter started the PyData organization to promote the use of Python for data science and predictive analytics, which led to the establishment of the PyData conference to provide a forum for users and developers to connect and learn from each other.

He also co-founded Continuum Analytics and created Bokeh: a data visualization library that lets Python programmers and data scientists create interactive and novel plots for the web. This talk gives an overview of it's capabilities and demonstrates some of the latest features, widgets, and dashboards. "It's a piece that's sort of missing right now for people's day-to-day data tasks […] So we want to make sure there's open source tools that are absolutely world class, for these sorts of things, and we want those world class things to be done in Python."


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Published October 6, 2014