Business Process Analysis: How it can help?

Business Process Analysis Image

There are many reasons to analyze a business process.  Perhaps a process no longer reliably delivers the intended output, or even if it still "works" it takes too long to complete or requires too many resources. Maybe you want to adopt new software, so the associated process has to change to accommodate it. Perhaps you simply want to document the process so that new employees have proper guidance.

In all of these cases, a business analyst would employ the tools and techniques of Business Process Analysis (BPA) to understand, evaluate, and possibly recommend improvements to the process. BPA is a well-defined, proven approach to documenting and improving business processes.  The BPA lifecycle is easy to learn and it can be applied in any business setting.

ProTech’s Business Analysis specialist presents Business Process Analysis. This presentation provides an overview of BPA tools and techniques, along with insights into their application that you can integrate into your own practice.